CarLove is now offering pickup and delivery services for rim repair.

We can do pickup/delivery in 24-48 hours. Call today to learn more and schedule!

Rim Repair Services in New York

Don't Let a Bent Rim Cause Further Tire Damage

The rims on your wheels serve an important role of supporting and sealing your tires to the vehicle. A cracked or deformed rim will put undue stress on the tires and can eventually lead to a blowout. If you require rim repair, don't delay. Let the experts at CarLove provide rim straightening or repair in New York.

Get your vehicle in and out fast with our quality rim repair services. Call 518-878-6042 today to schedule an appointment.

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What are the common problems we see with wheel rims?

Our team has decades of combined experience with rim repair and rim straightening services. Some of the most common problems we see and repair are:

  • Bent rims
  • Cracked rims
  • Curb rash

We’re able to repair both painted rims and machined rims back to their factory appearance. Contact us today for a price estimate on our rim straightening services in New York.